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About Us

IAF (Ilario Azzollini and Sons) started as a leading company in the marble sector over 20 years ago with a structure over 14000mq of which 2000mq covered.
Thanks to an unparalleled generational experience in the sector and to highly qualified staff equipped with the latest machinery, IAF is able to offer its clients products of various types of manufacture and finishes, from the smallest project to the larger ones, always carried out with the same dedication which have become our trademark of reliability.

Always keeping a lookout on the changes of the market, IAF has managed, during the years, to satisfy any type of demand for materials such as: marble, granite, onyx, travertine, limestone, slate, and local and foreign quartzite.
Our production lines produce every month over 3000mq of materials in various finishes: glossy, sandblasted, bush-hammered, rolled, flamed, polished, or aged, for stairways, floors, mosaics, coverings, plinths, etc and over 6000mq of semi-finished products.

Through the years, our high quality marbles of Puglia have become known in Italy and in the world as a sign of the reliability of the made-in-Italy’s highest quality products. Our large projects and the continuous demand by people involved in the sector can all attest to this.

The continuous search for the highest quality materials, however, drives us to keep on searching, in Italy and in the rest of the world, for new products to put alongside our very extensive range of marbles, granite, travertine, etc...All this in order to offer the best possible products of the moment and, with the added value of the manufacturing applied by IAF, obtain a product of guaranteed excellence.